Traveling through the wild side Brazil

Me and my friend Dean visited Brazil last year, and needless to say, it was amazing! That Brazilians like to party is an understatement, as they live it! In the summertime they drink throughout the day, and in the afternoons the beer flows freely on the beaches and in the evening,brazil dancing girl the caipirin is on the table and in the clubs and during the night all of this is mixed with liqueurs, shooters and cocktails.

Of course it is more fun since I’m with Dean and he takes me out every night with a party of friends and then to a club. Brazilians are very warm and have plenty of time left for you. I’m amazed at how many young people here speak good English and often want to be with me. Despite the fact that I have studied French in the dim past, I can little speak a little Italian and speak Spanish very well now, so but I do not understand a lot of Portuguese, which is a mix of these 3 languages.
One of the best parties was on Thursday, when we went to Consulado. This is the room where one of the samba schools of Florianopolis practices three times a week for the Carnival 2013 and will be open during the next spring break holidays as well. But actually this is just an excuse for a festival where everyone, from children to the elderly almost all goes samba dancing. I’m still no star in samba dancing even after many short courses in Argentina and Brazil, but I always have a great time dancing to the rhythm of a large group of drummers and other musicians. Continue reading

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The Green Side of South America

South America generally speaks to everyone’s imagination. It has beautiful coastlines, the imposing Andes Mountains with the traces of the Incan past, the Amazon forest, vast pampas and the mysterious Patagonia. In the midst of all this beauty, it is bordered by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina, yet Paraguay is not very well-known. map of south america

That little is known of Paraguay is already evident from the start. At the bookstore, where I usually always find things to my taste there is not a suitable guide available. These set of rules are much easier as the ones I’m following to improve page speed though :) Therefore, I was greatly surprised to see a documentary on TV just a week before my departure. It was on the soy cultivation in Paraguay and concerned Brazilian landowners who were treating Paraguayan peasants badly in order to turn large areas of farmland and nature into soy plantations. I learned that these activities, along with illegal logging, have already destroyed more than two million hectares of forest in the area. For the Ayorero Indians, who live in the Northwest of Paraguay, this may be the end of centuries of civilization.


The heat in Paraguay is at times difficult to endure as the temperature rises to above 40 ° C. Our camera man is really suffering. The rain that falls that afternoon provides a welcome coolness. It’s summer in South America. The schools are on summer vacation. The director of the school, however, was very willing to help out our project and decides to arrange something. A few days later when we return to school, after growing our hair out significantly, not needing sites like this: After this we are welcomed by dozens of wildly enthusiastic children, all with school bags and wearing uniforms.
I notice immediately that some of the children do not speak Spanish. Goodbye preparation. The most common language is Guarani, the language of the original inhabitants and it is spoken by more than 90% of Paraguayans. The official language in 1994 was included in the education system and helps children to learn Spanish during the first three years of primary education. Afterwards, and when writing and reading, Spanish is the only language allowed. Continue reading

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Traveling through green Ecuador

Ecuador is like a journey to the center of the Earth for travelers who visit to experience the Ecuadorian culture and nature in an intense way. Plus, those who wish to do so can contribute to the conservation of nature and local culture by supporting local projects. Travelers come here who want to make a difference and instantly do something with and for the local people. They are also looking for a good balance between nature and culture, tourism and sustainability. Tropic Journeys in Ecuador supports several special projects that ensure that the local culture and nature are preserved. This is done by creating alternative sources of income, and focusing on small-scale, sustainable tourism.

Flight to Quito

city of quito - capital of ecuador
You will first fly to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. If you fly from central Europe, a good tip is to fly from Brussels and fly with LanEcuador, going first to Madrid and there changing over to the flight to Quito.


Next, you will arrive in the capital of Ecuador, the center of the Earth. After a warm welcome, the guide will take you to your hotel. The afternoon is at your leisure. After a long flight you can relax in your centrally located hotel and in the afternoon you will already be walking around and exploring parts of Quito and find a nice restaurant. Continue reading

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Our Green Tour To Bali

Dolphin Watching

After just finishing our last long Vietnam travel, with a minimum of grumbling, everyone woke up at half past five and we walked to the sea. There’s Dennis, who is waiting with his boat to take us to the Lightning 02 dolphins sail. The sunrise is beautiful above the water. dolphins-greentrailtours

And we are not alone with our boat. There are still at least 125 other boats that are looking for the dolphins. And if a few dolphins start stabbing their snouts above the water, then rush all the penalties there full speed towards it. The crazy days at the Beehive are nothing. How all this is ecologically sound, I tried to look up on the Internet (like I did when I wanted to boil hard boiled eggs). It seems that the numbers of animals don’t suffer and that the busiest periods are when they are closest to the shore swimming, but I don’t think they are happy there. Especially not because the hole where they tumble forth in the shortest time has close hazards by the boats.

After an hour or so Dennis throws his engine and provides us with hot tea and banana fritters. We talk to Dennis about his work and he exposes to us that he has 2 passions, investing in gold (here is his site: and riding boats. Egen hopes that quietly floating around is just as fun as dolphin watching. Most boats now try to keep the saw and sail back to shore. Dennis put the chase on the persistent. We are soaked with water, but we are quickly in front of the remaining 15 or so boats. And now we see a lot quieter dolphins. Still, they are very nice. Continue reading

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